About Us

Prevail was formed in 2010 by six NRA Instructors living in the Manhattan, KS area who not only fervently support the 2nd Amendment, but who also have a strong desire to provide the best information and training for those citizens wishing to acquire a Kansas Concealed Carry Handgun (CCH) permit. Therefore, they designed course material to meet the basic requirements stipulated by the Kansas Attorney General’s Office, as well as draw upon their collective knowledge in handgun safety and shooting, personal protection and self-defense, and all of the legal aspects of carrying a concealed weapon and its potential use in protecting one’s life and property.

If you are considering applying for a Kansas Concealed Carry Handgun permit, desire professional instruction as a beginner in the safe handling and use of a firearm, or simply want to refresh your knowledge of Kansas firearm law, our Group has something to offer you!

Completion of this course satisfies one of the requirements for qualifying for the permit. The Sheriff of the county in which the citizen resides, and the Attorney General of Kansas, must still give final approval for each applicant to complete the process.